Dr. Healy and Dr. Grounds are truly some of the most amazing and caring women I have ever met. I actually look forward to my appointments here! They know what they're talking about, they listen to your concerns, they take you seriously and they know exactly what to do. Not only do that care about your OBGYN health, they care about your mental and overall physical health, too. I could not recommend better OBGYN's in the KC area. Amazing amazing!!!!
– Allison S.

These women are incredible. This practice has been caring for me for over 15 years....Dr Lofton was been my primary baby doctor , and dr Holmes, Healy and Lofton have delivered my babies and I feel very fortunate I had such wonderful and professional care throughout infertility, miscarriage and high risk complications.
– Erin L.

I've been a patient here for six years. Dr. Peck delivered my first daughter and Dr. Healy delivered my second daughter. I was very sad when Dr. Peck passed away. He had wonderful bedside manner and really cared for his patients. I found the same characteristics in Dr. Healy.
– Becki A.

Dr. Lombard is amazing. I felt very comfortable my entire pregnancy. When i couldn't see her, the Nurse Practitioner, Melissa was great as well. I would recommend WCJC to anyone.
– Jennifer R.

Dr. Healy is simply fantastic - and I cannot say enough about how wonderful, passionate, intelligent, reassuring and down-to-earth she is. I could talk for days about how much she has done for me and my beautiful baby girl. Whenever I had any questions or concerns, she was quickly able to calm my nerves. I will (and have) recommend her to any woman! It is not every day that you gain a doctor that you are truly going to miss not seeing every week (after my daughter was born), and that I would love to hang out with outside of the office! I am really going to miss not seeing her as often! Thank you for everything, Dr. Healy. You have done wonders for our new family and we're greatly appreciative.
– Alex E.

First, I want to say how much I love Dr. Cheryl Rips. She's been the only OB/GYN I've ever had (for 25 years at least!) and my complaint has nothing to do with her. As I mentioned, I’ve been a patient of WCJC for at least 25 years. Until today. Today when I went to have my annual at Menora, they told me I needed to be at Shawnee Mission, even though I had it on my calendar as Menora. The receptionist called over to Shawnee Mission to tell them I was on my way and to make sure.
– Mary S.

Dr. Holmes is incredible! Early testing suggested my daughter might have Down syndrome, but I declined further testing. She respected my decision and never pressured me. When she delivered my daughter, there were obvious physical signs of Down syndrome. Dr. Holmes gave me a hug and congratulated me on having a beautiful baby girl. She also offered to connect me with another Mom to a child of Down syndrome. I am forever grateful to her for her kindness and compassion!
– Sara M.

My first time to your clinic yesterday and saw Dr. Grounds. I love her and her confidence in me really boosted my self esteem! Got my mirena out, she answered all my questions and already has a plan of action for me due to issues from my first pregnancy. Her nurse was awesome too, very kind! I am excited to have picked an awesome OBGYN for my next pregnancy!
– Tara B.

Absolutely LOVE! All the doctors and nurses!! My baby is now 2 weeks old and I got the opportunity to meet 5 different doctors from this office. They are all AMAZING!! I will miss not seeing all the ladies every Wednesday for my appointments:(
– Tanya T.

Dr Lombard is fantastic, she is such a people person/ she is detailed oriented, this office is great when I had to see other doctors during my pregnancy everyone knew what was going on. WCJC is the place to be.
– LaShaun W.

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