Congratulations! We are very excited to be caring for you and your baby. We know how special this time is and are pleased to be a part of your journey!

The Women’s Clinic of Johnson County takes great pride in providing you with excellent care. One of our many benefits is our in-office ultrasound department. The sonographers are highly trained in providing your physician with a detailed diagnostic ultrasound. This includes assessing and evaluating your baby.

Upon request we will do our best to determine gender during your screening ultrasound. In order to achieve the optimum level of imaging and give you a memorable experience, we ask that you please read the information below before making your ultrasound appointments:

  1. Arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled ultrasound appointment at the correct office.

  2. Your appointment may be rescheduled if you are 10 minutes late for the scheduled appointment time or if you go to the wrong office.

  3. Please inform all family members who are joining you for your ultrasound to arrive on time. Unfortunately, we cannot wait for late family members to arrive.

  4. Due to limited space we ask that no more than two people join you for your scan.

  5. We ask that if children are attending the ultrasound that they be accompanied by another adult.

  6. Schedule your screening ultrasound between 20-21 weeks of pregnancy.

  7. No cell phone use in exam room (pictures or recording.) The sonographers will be happy to print pictures for you.