Welcome to Women’s Clinic of Johnson County!

Congratulations! We know that the birth of a child is one of life’s most treasured experiences and we are truly pleased to have the opportunity to care for you during this time.

Women’s Clinic of Johnson County is a division of Mid America Physicians Services (MAPS), who specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology. During the course of your pregnancy, in addition to providing quality personalized medical care, we want to answer your questions in a timely manner. You will receive a folder that outlines many aspects of routine prenatal care and will provide a reference for you on many common questions. Please ask questions concerning your pregnancy at any of your regularly scheduled visits. If you should have urgent questions between appointments, our telephone nurses will ensure that your questions are answered. To reach the WCJC nurse line, dial 913-491-4020 and press option #3.

For after-hours emergencies, please call our answering service directly at 913-338-8208. The physician on call will return your call as soon as possible; however this may take up to an hour if they are occupied with a delivery or a surgery. If you believe your problem is emergent, please do not wait for a return phone call but head directly to the Emergency Department or Labor and Delivery.

Our Commitment to You

We are pleased to announce a new initiative beginning in the spring of 2017 at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. In order to continue to provide our patients with the highest quality of care, we will begin a 24-hour call program at this location only. We believe, and medical evidence supports, that providing obstetric care in the most seamless fashion possible will improve delivery outcomes. While you are in labor, you will be cared for by our on-call physician who will review your medical history and delivery plan, and be available for face-to-face updates regarding your labor progress. In the office, this change will allow for more timely office visits and fewer rescheduled appointments with your physician. During the course of your pregnancy you will be seen in the office primarily by your selected physician. At times, if your physician is unavailable, you may see one of our nurse practitioners or partner physicians. We will make plans to expand this coverage system to our other delivery locations in the future.

General Hospital Information

Our group currently provides obstetric care at Shawnee Mission Medical Center and Olathe Medical Center. All of these hospitals offer up-to-date labor and delivery suites, 24-hour anesthesia services, and 24-hour neonatal nurse practitioner services. Currently, not all of our physicians deliver at each hospital. We encourage you to speak with your provider to determine at which hospital they deliver.

The following are the contact numbers for labor and delivery, childbirth education classes, breastfeeding support and maternity care coordination services to pre-register for your hospital admission.

Shawnee Mission Medical Center

913-632-4230   Labor and Delivery 

913-676-7777   Childbirth Education 

913-632-6330   Breastfeeding Support Services 

913-632-4230   Maternity Care Coordinator 

Olathe Medical Center

913-791-4235   Labor and Delivery 

913-791-4312   Childbirth Education 

913-791-4312   Breastfeeding Support Services 

913-791-4395   Maternity Care Coordinator 

Pre-Admission packages and hospital information are available at all of our offices. Please ask for a Pre-Admission package once you have selected your delivery location.

We only provide care for your baby during the time they are in your belly. We are happy to assist you in choosing a pediatrician or family practitioner to provide care for your infant after birth. If you already have an infant care provider, please make sure they have privileges to care for your infant at the facility where you will be delivering. Also, verify that the care provider you select is on your insurance plan.

Operations and Billing

If you have any questions regarding the operations of the practice, please direct them to our Practice Administrator. For questions regarding insurance or billing, these may be directed to our billing department. You can dial our main phone number at 913-491-4020 and select option 6 for Billing or call 913-318-1076 to reach the Central Billing Office.

Lastly, please see the important information regarding the course of your prenatal care, recommended and optional prenatal testing, recommended immunizations and more. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more information.

Congratulations again and we look forward to caring for you in the upcoming months!

The Physicians of Women’s Clinic of Johnson County



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